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100% Seamless Nabidh integration

Fully integrated with Nabidh for seamless health information exchange and improved patient care coordination. Ensure compliance with health data standards and enable secure data sharing.

100% Seamless Riayati integration

Fully integrated with Riayati for smooth health data exchange, enhancing patient care and system interoperability. Ensure compliance with national health data standards and secure information sharing.

Electronic Medical Record

Store and manage patient health records digitally for easy access and efficient healthcare delivery. This includes comprehensive patient histories, visit notes, prescriptions, and treatment plans, all in a secure and accessible format.

Full accounting and finance

Comprehensive tools for handling all financial and accounting tasks, ensuring accurate and organized financial management. Features include billing, invoicing, financial reporting, payroll management, and integration with banking systems.

Appointment and scheduling

Efficiently manage patient appointments and schedules, reducing wait times and optimizing clinic operations. Includes features like automated reminders, calendar views, and online booking for patients.

Dashboard and Reports

Visualize key metrics and performance data with customizable dashboards and detailed reports to make informed decisions. Analyze trends, monitor clinic performance, and generate reports on various aspects of clinic operations.

Inventory management

Track, manage, and reorder medical supplies and equipment to ensure the clinic is always well-stocked. Includes inventory alerts, usage tracking, and supplier management.

Lab cases tracking

Monitor the progress and results of lab tests and cases, ensuring timely updates and accurate record-keeping. Integrates with lab systems for seamless data transfer and result management.

Full dental chart

Create and maintain detailed digital charts for dental records, including treatment plans and historical data. Features include tooth-specific records, graphical representations, and treatment history.

Medical alerts and patient alerts

Set up automated alerts for critical medical conditions and patient-specific updates to enhance patient care. Includes medication reminders, allergy alerts, and follow-up notifications.

eClaimLink Integration

Seamlessly submit electronic claims to insurance providers through integrated eClaimLink functionality. Ensure fast and accurate claim processing with automated data entry and validation.

Digital consent form

Capture patient consent electronically for treatments and procedures, streamlining administrative processes. Features digital signatures, time-stamped records, and secure storage.

Digital claim form

Streamline the submission of insurance claims with digital forms, reducing paperwork and processing times. Features include automated form filling, error checking, and electronic submission.

VAT support

Ensure compliance with VAT regulations by integrating VAT support into all financial transactions. Automatically calculate and apply VAT to invoices, and generate VAT reports for tax filings.

Clinicians revenue share tracking

Monitor and manage revenue share agreements for clinicians, ensuring accurate payouts and financial transparency. Features include detailed revenue reports and automated calculations based on predefined agreements.

X-RAY integration

Directly integrate X-RAY images into patient records, providing comprehensive diagnostic information in one place. Features include image storage, retrieval, and annotation capabilities.

Dynamic reports

Generate customized reports dynamically, allowing you to analyze data and gain insights as needed. Features include report templates, real-time data updates, and export options.

SMS integration

Communicate with patients via integrated SMS, sending appointment reminders, updates, and health tips. Features include automated messages, custom templates, and delivery tracking.

Followups by doctor

Schedule and manage patient follow-ups by doctors, ensuring continuous patient care and monitoring. Includes reminders, tracking of follow-up outcomes, and integration with patient records.

Automatic follow-up after treatments

Set up automated reminders for follow-ups after treatments to ensure patient adherence and recovery. Features include customizable schedules, reminder notifications, and tracking.

Audit log

Maintain a detailed audit log of all system activities, enhancing security and accountability. Track user actions, changes made, and access to sensitive information with timestamped records.

Dynamic roles and access levels

Customize user roles and access levels to control who can access and modify different parts of the system. Features include role-based permissions, user management, and security settings.

Expenses tracking

Monitor and track all clinic expenses, helping to manage budgets and financial planning effectively. Includes expense categorization, reporting, and integration with accounting systems.

Patient deposits

Manage and track patient deposits easily within the system, ensuring accurate financial records. Features include deposit recording, balance tracking, and refund management.

Emirates ID integration

Integrate and verify patient details using Emirates ID for quick and accurate patient identification. Features include automatic data retrieval, verification, and secure storage.

Real-time Claim status update

Get real-time updates on the status of insurance claims, reducing uncertainty and improving communication with patients. Features include claim tracking, status notifications, and detailed claim history.

Multi-branch support

Manage multiple clinic branches from a single platform, ensuring consistent operations and data sharing across locations. Features include centralized reporting, branch-specific settings, and inter-branch coordination.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Engage with patients through a WhatsApp Chatbot for quick responses to inquiries and appointment bookings. Features include automated responses, appointment scheduling, and patient support.

In-person training and support

Provide comprehensive in-person training and support to ensure users are proficient and confident in using the system. Includes on-site training sessions, user manuals, and ongoing support services.
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Dr. Sinan Khudhur
We are Alibtesam Al Lulueyah Dental Clinic in Sharjah. We have been using the Medic system for our clinic for the past few months. It is the easiest system we have ever used, characterized by its easy accessibility and user-friendliness for both staff and doctors. We have also received excellent cooperation from the team in charge. Since implementing this system, we have not encountered any issues. Therefore, I strongly recommend this system to other clinics.
Alibtesam Al lulueyah Dental Clinic
Dr. Mohammed Sedeeq
As a dental specialty medical center, we sought an EMR that met our expectations, and Balsam Medico exceeded them. It greatly aids our operations, from scheduling appointments to managing consent forms. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates dental treatment options, ICD codes, and insurance systems like Eclaim, along with financial details. After 18 months of use, we highly recommend Balsam Medico and are extremely satisfied with its services.
BWell Wellness Center
Dr. Islam Nubi
Balsam Medico application has created a qualitative shift in the nature of the center’s work. It has moved the center from working in a paper format to a fully digital format with complete ease, highly organised and clever way. We are looking forward to making updates with the Narbase Technology staff in the future. I advise dentists who faces such obstacles to start medico in their clinics and centers as soon as possible
Nubi Dental Clinic
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