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Dr. Sinan Khudhur
We are Alibtesam Al Lulueyah Dental Clinic in Sharjah. We have been using the Medic system for our clinic for the past few months. It is the easiest system we have ever used, characterized by its easy accessibility and user-friendliness for both staff and doctors. We have also received excellent cooperation from the team in charge. Since implementing this system, we have not encountered any issues. Therefore, I strongly recommend this system to other clinics.
Alibtesam Al lulueyah Dental Clinic
Dr. Mohammed Sedeeq
As a dental specialty medical center, we sought an EMR that met our expectations, and Balsam Medico exceeded them. It greatly aids our operations, from scheduling appointments to managing consent forms. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates dental treatment options, ICD codes, and insurance systems like Eclaim, along with financial details. After 18 months of use, we highly recommend Balsam Medico and are extremely satisfied with its services.
BWell Wellness Center
Dr. Islam Nubi
Balsam Medico application has created a qualitative shift in the nature of the center’s work. It has moved the center from working in a paper format to a fully digital format with complete ease, highly organised and clever way. We are looking forward to making updates with the Narbase Technology staff in the future. I advise dentists who faces such obstacles to start medico in their clinics and centers as soon as possible
Nubi Dental Clinic


Integration with Nabidh

Medico simplifies government compliance, ensuring your peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities while having the confidence that your regulatory obligations are in capable hands.


Integration with Riayati

Medico simplifies government compliance by integrating with Riayati, the Northern Emirates Government system, ensuring your peace of mind. This allows you to focus on your core responsibilities while having the confidence that your regulatory obligations are in capable hands.
Seamless insurance processing
Experience the future of seamless healthcare with Medico EMR's cutting-edge integration with eClaimLink, revolutionizing insurance processing for faster reimbursements, error-free claims, and an enhanced patient experience.
Safest place for your data

Encrypted Communication

All communication to and from the server are encrypted (Military-grade encryption). This will ensure your connection is secure on all Balsam One products (Sites, Mobile, Link and Medico).

Timely Backups

To ensure the highest degree of reliability, Balsam Medico has many backups level. These are EMR-level, System-level and Server-level backups. You can also export all your data at any time.

Access control

Proper access control to ensure that every users can only access the data they are authorized to access. Admins, Service providers and receptionists access different modules and data based on their roles.
Easy migration to Balsam Medico
Import your data from your current system to Balsam Medico. We take of the migration for you. Also, there is no vendor lock-in. You can export all your data from Medico at anytime. The decision is yours.

24/7 support

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We are here to provide you with exceptional and customized service, aiming to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is fully prepared to deliver outstanding experiences tailored to your needs.
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Balsam Medico stands as a remarkable product in the healthcare technology landscape, and it proudly carries the hallmark of innovation from its creator, Narbase.
Founded December 2017
One of Sudan's well-known Software Development Houses
Have successfully served clients in 7+ countries
Worked with some of Sudan's largest organisations such as Mishwar, Zain, FUCHS Sudan, and UNICEF Sudan.
Developed some of Sudan's and Mauritania's most successful apps with 270k+ users
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